Hit Points

Hit points are randomly determined and now represented by Body and Stamina.

  • Body represents the amount of physical damage a character can withstand before perishing. When a character’s Body reaches 0 they are dead. Body is determined according to the Hit Dice for Level 0 of the character class level chart plus the character’s Constitution modifier.
  • Stamina represents the character’s endurance in combat situations. Unless damage directly targets Body, damage is first removed from Stamina. When Stamina reaches 0 remaining damage is deducted from Body. Stamina is determined according to the Hit Dice of the character class level chart.

When creating a character, first roll the Hit Die for Level 0 of the character class level chart for Body and add the character’s Constitution modifier, minimum of Body 1.

Next, determine 1st level Stamina based on character class level chart, minimum equal to Body. After 1st level continue to determine Stamina per character class level chart.

The character’s starting Body and Stamina are the maximum Body and Stamina the character can ever have without gaining a level. While the character will lose Body and Stamina in various ways during the course of adventuring, there are different methods of healing damage done. No amount of healing can cause the character to gain more than his normal maximum number of Body and Stamina.

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Hit Points

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